5 Best Crushon AI Alternatives 2023

In recent years, AI-driven chat platforms have gained immense popularity, with Crushon.AI being one of the frontrunners. However, users often seek alternatives that offer more features, fewer restrictions, and a better overall experience. In this article, we will delve into the top 5 alternatives to Crushon.AI in 2023.

Best Crushon.AI Alternatives refers to the top platforms that offer similar or even better features than Crushon.AI, especially in terms of AI-driven chat interactions. These alternatives provide users with the flexibility to engage in unrestricted conversations, including NSFW topics, and often come with unique features that set them apart.





Janitor AI


Free Trial

Chatbot creation, NSFW filter disabling, Anime-style characters




Unrestricted content, Custom character creation, Regular updates

Tavern AI



Text-based AI chatbots, No NSFW filters, Multi-channel conversations

Botify AI


Free Trial

Over 100 AI characters, Group chat feature, No NSFW limits

Chai AI



Available on multiple platforms, No NSFW filters, Automation capabilities

1. Janitor AI: Unleash Your Creativity

Janitor AI stands out as a platform that provides a chatbot experience akin to top-tier platforms but also allows users to disable NSFW filters. This ensures a broader range of content accessibility without restrictions.


  • Access to a wide range of content without NSFW restrictions.
  • Ability to create anime-style characters.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Limited character customization options.

Best Suited For: Those looking for a more personalized chatbot experience with the freedom to explore NSFW content.

2. ChatMate: Experience Genuine Conversations

ChatMate is a remarkable platform that lets users engage in genuine conversations with AI chatbots, bypassing common restrictions.


  • Access to unrestricted content, including NSFW topics.
  • Ability to create and customize unique characters.
  • User-friendly design.


  • Limited to text-based interactions.

Best Suited For: Users seeking a platform that offers both freedom in conversations and the ability to personalize their chatbot characters.

3. Tavern AI: Dive into Text-Based Adventures

Tavern AI offers a unique platform where users can create text-based AI bots, allowing for dynamic and interactive conversations tailored to individual preferences.


  • Build AI chatbots with a purely text-based platform.
  • No NSFW filters, ensuring unrestricted conversations.
  • Multi-channel conversation capabilities.


  • Limited character customization.

Best Suited For: Adventure seekers looking to engage in thrilling text-based interactions with AI.

4. Botify AI: Explore a World of Characters

 Botify AI stands out with its vast library of over 100 AI-powered characters, ranging from fictional to historical figures, ensuring varied and smooth conversations.


  • Library of over 100 AI characters.
  • No restrictions on NSFW content.
  • Unique text-to-avatar feature.


  • Custom character creation is unavailable.

Best Suited For: Users who enjoy diverse conversations with a range of AI characters.

5.Chai AI: Your Personal AI Assistant

Chai AI offers a platform where users can create and chat with AI assistants, making it a practical and intelligent alternative to other chat platforms.


  • Professional interface for assistant creation.
  • Powerful collection of pre-made assistants.
  • Integration capabilities with other platforms.


  • Requires a learning curve for new users.

Best Suited For: Individuals seeking a more professional and intelligent chat experience.


The world of AI chat platforms is vast and ever-evolving. While Crushon.AI has made its mark, the alternatives listed above offer unique features and experiences that are worth exploring. Whether you’re looking for unrestricted conversations, personalized characters, or professional chat assistants, there’s an alternative out there for you.