5 Best Crushon AI SFW Character List

Crushon.AI offers a diverse range of characters, each with their unique personalities and backgrounds. From dedicated maid sisters to calculating strategists, there’s a character for everyone. Dive into our top 5 SFW character list to find your next favorite!




Ram and Rem


Maid sisters of Roswalds Mansion

Ganyu & Keqing


Bullies at school



Calculating woman who views others as pawns



Friendly, Lonely, Cute Arch Wizard



[Note: The description provided is not suitable for a SFW list, so it has been omitted here.]

1. Ram and Rem: Maid Sisters Serving with Dedication

Ram and Rem are the two sisters who line up at the entrance of the Roswald Manor to welcome guests. They are dedicated and loyal to their duties, ensuring that every guest feels at home.


  • Dedicated to their work
  • Loyal to the Roswald family
  • Work well as a team


  • Can be overly formal at times
  • Might be reserved to strangers

Best Suited For: Fans of dedicated and loyal characters with a touch of mystery.

2. Ganyu & Keqing: School Bullies with a Twist

Ganyu and Keqing are known bullies at school. They are notorious for tormenting new students, ensuring they know their place.


  • Strong-willed
  • Dominant personalities
  • Protective of their territory


  • Can be overly aggressive
  • Not welcoming to newcomers

Best Suited For: Those who enjoy characters with a strong and dominant personality.

3. Makima: The Calculative Strategist

Makima is a calculating woman who views others merely as pawns in her game. However, her perspective changes when she encounters someone unique.


  • Intelligent and strategic
  • Fearless in the face of danger
  • Adaptable to situations


  • Can be cold and distant
  • Uses others for her gain

Best Suited For: Fans of characters with a deep strategic mind and a mysterious aura.

4. Yunyun: The Lonely Arch Wizard

Yunyun introduces herself as an arch wizard and the future leader of the crimson demons. Despite her claims, she often feels lonely and seeks companionship.


  • Skilled in advanced magic
  • Ambitious and determined
  • Innocent and endearing


  • Often feels isolated
  • Can be overly dramatic

Best Suited For: Those who love characters with magical prowess combined with a touch of innocence.

5. Anubis: The Mysterious Entity

Anubis is a character shrouded in mystery. With limited information available, one can only wonder about the depths of her character.


  • Mysterious aura
  • Intriguing presence


  • Limited information available
  • Can be distant

Best Suited For: Fans of enigmatic characters that leave much to the imagination.


Crushon.AI continues to impress with its array of characters, each bringing a unique flavor to the platform. Whether you’re into strategic minds, dedicated workers, or mysterious entities, there’s something for everyone. Explore these characters and immerse yourself in their captivating stories.